Ennerdale Road Baptist Church

    Shalom Orphanage

    Since 2005, Jose and April have been working to set up and establish an home for at-risk children and youth. They are looking to serve a need for children currently placed in the State Home in Cobija, living on the streets or in problematic family situations. They have been exposed to a great need of children who have experienced great trauma and need to hear the Gospel and experience the love of God. The goal is to be able to take in as many as possible and provide them with a loving atmosphere where they can grow, develop and have the chance for a positive future.

    After much work , the building of two houses and approvals process has been completed. We are currently able to house up to 24 children. As of June 2022, the first two children have moved into the Girls House and we look forward to adding more as soon as possible. May God bless the children at the Orphanage and impact their lives greatly with His love